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Connecting to Konk-Grid




First go to http://konk-grid.net and sign up for an account on the website.

Click on Create an Account and fill out the information

Where it says Opensim Account Details

the First Name and Last name is what you want your

avatar screen name to be.


Select your avatar and click register

Make Sure To Check Your Spam Folder if you

do not See The Activation Email in your Inbox


Once registered go to your viewer of choice

(suggested viewer is Singularity)

go to preferences on your viewer and click on Opensim button


Add New Grid URL http://konk-grid.net:8002 and click apply.

log in using your username and password that

you setup when you registered.


Welcome to Konk-Grid, if you need any assistance

with setting up or renting your region, please

IM Valerious Strongborn


inworld and i will be happy to help you.


Enjoy your stay with us at Konk-Grid.